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Very cheap car insurance has become something of a Holy Grail for motorists in this day and age. You can see it every time you turn your television on. Whether it's fat Welshman singing about comparison websites, or nodding dogs bantering with famous comediennes, finding cheaper policies is all over television advertising campaigns. And irritatingly so.

The thing is, finding an inexpensive policy is a real drag. However, low your initial premiums are, they can soon go up. If you have an accident, that's that for the no claims bonus, for example.

Preserving a no claims bonus becomes an obsession for the motorist who is seeking ever lower priced car insurance. Not claiming on the insurance policy so that they can keep the benefits of the NCB is one of the most baffling things about motorists. Some would rather see their vehicle utterly destroyed than lose it, and the questionable benefits it can bring. Does anyone really know exactly what their own no claim discount is actually worth? And what kind of person are you if you actually do know?

The insurance companies also love their categories. By putting a motorist into a category, they can justify charging even more, or even, Heaven forbid, altering the terms of the NCB. Are you in your 20s? Well, that puts you in a category of high risk driver, so they will charge you more. Do you have any health issues? Well, you had better let them know soon, so that they can charge you even more money. Have you had a minor accident in the past? Well, that's you in another category now.

The search for a reasonably priced insurance policy for a car is like a mythical tale, in which heroes quest for some lofty goal. Only the chances of them ever reaching that goal, in this case, are limited. It's like the dreams of failed revolutionaries, who still turn up to political meetings of five people in the hope that, one day, the general public will at last get their big ideas and rise up.

For the rest of us, trying to muddle through life as best as we can, the reality is rather different. The best car insurance may only exist as the faint dreams of a few idealists, but it is possible to find some good deals, along with an excellent no claims bonus. It's just that seeking out the best deals often means having to listen to bad singing or a nodding dog on the TV. Does anyone looking for very cheap insurance for a car really deserve that?

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